What are Perception Gaps

As a manager, leader, or part of a group or relationship, the way we see ourselves may be very different than the way others see us. These differences in perception are “Perception Gaps”. In a work environment, how we see ourselves and our behavior can differ from the way our superiors, our peers and our subordinates see us. These gaps can cause management or productivity problems in each area where the gaps appear. When a Perception Gap is the same across all levels, it is a “Universal Perception Gap” and is an inherent issue that may be causing you problems in all areas of your life.

Why do we need to know about these gaps?

Knowing your perception gaps shows you why and how you might be “Need Sucking” the people around you, causing issues in motivation and relationships. When you can see yourself like others see you, you gain insights to help you understand the effects you are having on others and how to correct them.

I never thought I could understand my boss until I took the EDMA and uncovered the perception gaps I had with her that affected our communication. I am much happier now and so is my boss.

Joanne Teo
Lufthansa Cargo

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