EDMA’s Key Features of Relevance to the work Environment

  • A practical real-time hands on approach to develop people with high potential
  • The solution to become more effective & increase overall productivity
  • Allows you to gain greater effectiveness in working with and influencing others
  • Explains how others perceive our actions towards them and how this affects their and our Performance and motivation.
  • Offers the opportunity to find out the emotional root causes behind average or below average performance in work departments, and how to turn this around.
  • Ensures you will have a better awareness of your work environment
  • Is not a performance assessment but an indicator that can be immediately acted on for quick results
I never thought I could understand my boss until I took the EDMA and uncovered the perception gaps I had with her that affected our communication. I am much happier now and so is my boss.

Joanne Teo
Lufthansa Cargo

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The EDMA is a certified Directive Communication
Psychology Performance tool and is validated by the American Institute of Business Psychology