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Benefits of the EDMA 360⁰ Feedback on Perception Gaps

We often believe the actions we take are perceived with the same intent and emotion as we perceive. Especially if we are in a management position or even in a relationship, we assume that how we see ourselves is what others also see. The bigger problem is that No One Tells us or provides feedback, so we are left unaware that something is wrong.
And yet we have Problems with our leadership, our teams, and even our relationships… and often, we do not really understand why… we may suspect it must be their problem or attitude!

But what if what YOU BELIEVE about Yourself and Your Actions, is VERY Different than what OTHERS PERCEIVE about You?

  • Would this Gap affect your ability to effectively manage and support others?
  • Is it possible that you are underperforming due to unawareness?
  • Could these Gaps be affecting your credibility, trust and respect?
The EDMA 360⁰ Feedback system is designed to CLOSE THE PERCEPTION GAPS!

If you know where the Gaps are, You can Change your approach and therefore Change Your Results.

The EDMA 360⁰ Feedback system shows you the Gaps at different levels of your work or life with Superiors, Peers, or Subordinates, then provides you with actionable tips to close those Gaps.

With the 360⁰ feedback, you will:
• Know why people are reacting to things you did not know you were doing
• Know how to adjust your actions with different people to get better results
• Improve self-esteem in areas that you may feel you lack in
• Improve your ability to grow and understand yourself better in more situations
• Be able to improve your leadership style
• Be able to know how to inspire others to improve their performance
• See how your Gaps are closing in Real Time as you improve modify your approach
• Identify why people are not giving you feedback that can help you improve
• Improve your personal relationships – even after years of being together

I thought my subordinates were lazy and didn’t care about their work, to my surprise; the EDMA helped me to see how I could turn this around and make others more motivated. The relationships we have now allow us all to get more fulfillment out of our work.

Aziz Abdul Rahman
VP Retail Fuels Division Petronas

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The EDMA is a certified Directive Communication
Psychology Performance tool and is validated by the American Institute of Business Psychology