The Power of Greater Productivity

Scale of Factors influencing the power of greater productivity
and affecting Group motivation and enthusiasm toward work

  • Tolerance of others opinions
  • Ability to relate to others
  • Interest in personal development
  • Professionally supportive
  • Consistent with talk and action
  • Personally supportive
  • Cares sincerely
  • Giving person
  • High standards
  • Needs a good environment
  • Task-oriented
  • Tolerance of others work styles
  • Needs to be in control
  • Ability to take risk
  • Flexibility in work style
  • Flexibility with rules
  • Flexibility with others
  • Ability to recognize others
  • Needs to be recognized
I never thought I could understand my boss until I took the EDMA and uncovered the perception gaps I had with her that affected our communication. I am much happier now and so is my boss.

Joanne Teo
Lufthansa Cargo

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The EDMA is a certified Directive Communication
Psychology Performance tool and is validated by the American Institute of Business Psychology