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Are You Accidently De-Motivating Your People?

MANAGEMENT MIRROR: Psychometric Tools for Management Development and 360 Management assessment tool

Identification and Assessment of Management “Perception Gaps” is the First Step to Superior Leadership with this 360 Management assessment tool

  • Designed by Arthur Carmazzi, the EDMA MANAGEMENT MIRROR Gap assessment is a unique tool that identifys and provides action steps to the realities and differences between how a manager/leader see themself and their actions, and how others perceive the same actions.
  • Make Realizations of the gaps between the effects you think you are creating, and the consequences of being wrong.
  • Have the information to immediately make changes in behavior and see the almost instant difference in the results you are getting with those around you.
  • Get continuous Real-Time feedback to see how your adjustments in behavior are changing performance.
  • Create an environment that is not only more productive and motivated, but that makes you a better Manager or Leader in the process. Also see DC Organizational Culture Change Initiatives

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Emotional Drive

EDMA – Identifies How YOU Affect People.

Understand why and how others react to you! Identifying work behaviors or work styles of individuals and how others perceive our actions is sometimes difficult. The EDMA (Human Drivers Mirrored Assessment) 360 Management Assessment tool the “Management Mirror”, uses Directive Communication Group Performance Psychology to identify the gaps between how we see ourselves and how others see us. The EDMA 360 management assessment is a Directive Communication tool developed by Arthur F. Carmazzi to Enhance Productivity & Cooperation in the workplace. It provides a comprehensive psychological mirror image to recognize the gaps between our personal perceptions, versus peer, subordinate and superior perceptions, allowing us to fully understand how we affect, and are affected by others.

I really thought I knew myself and how to get people to do what needed to be done, I was wrong and found out why the EDMA. The new results I get are very different and better than ever before, thank you Directive Communication.

Terence Tan
Manager, Partner Development Motorola (Singapore)


Applications of the EDMA

  • Appropriate for all levels of employees
  • Identifies immediate action that can be taken to get instant behaviour change results
  • Real-Time feedback option: when one factor changes, it automatically lets you know
  • Easy to complete and access online
  • Measures response distortion
  • Provides consolidated perception and gaps in perception

Certified and Accredited

emotional drive practitioner

The EDMA is a certified Directive Communication
Psychology Performance tool and is validated by the American Institute of Business Psychology

Hard Copy and Automated online version

Available in an online format, this 360 management assessment. The TIPs section for each GAP helps leaders to take specific action in closing Perception Gaps and removing the consequences they represent. These recommend adjustments help to realign the leader to be more of who they already think they are.

online automated version which requires the installation of a control panel on each user’s computer. This version does most of the work and interpretation for you. And, what it doesn’t do, can be achieved with the live connections to our DC psychology practitioners for further insights.